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    If you bought iBlacklist on your 3G and upgraded to the 3GS be warned that you'll have to re-purchase to use it on your 3GS. Here is an email I recieved from the creator:

    For new iphone you need buy a new key, the key is registered to phone serial number (hardware)

    If is the same iphone (hardware) the serial number is the same and the activation key works but you have a new iphone the old key will dont work because is a different serial (hardware) and you need buy a new key

    Am I the only one who finds this unethical? When purchasing 3rd party apps for my old blackberry I never had this problem. When changing handsets you would simply send the developer your new PIN and they would generate a new activation code for you.

    It's not like my new serial number is hard to find. You go to settings, general, about. And there it is. $12 USD for an app I used for a month. Rediculous.

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    07-08-2009 01:33 AM
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    The disadvantage to working outside the App Store is that there's no governance at all over what jailbreak developers can or can't do.

    It should all likely be treated as "as is" software sales, otherwise frustration will no doubt ensue for some.

    But that's the case for any new frontier
    07-08-2009 09:27 AM