1. aznmixplate's Avatar
    Hey guys, so I'm definitely going to jailbreak my 3GS whenever the possibility arises. The question here is, can I change all of the sounds that the Iphone has? (i.e. the "unlock" sound and the "email sent" sound). I have a bunch of custom sounds (like the sound the transformers make when they transform) that I want to load on to the 3GS but I just wanted to check in here to see if that was even at all possible...So far I'm going to go with the transform sound for the unlock (or maybe the Starcraft Siege Tank sound when switching modes) and then for the email incoming I'm 100% going with the Starcraft (incoming transmission) sounds.

    If any of you folks want these sounds as well, let me know and I can try and post them on the forums (provided I can figure out a way)
    06-27-2009 09:19 PM
  2. BBMaverick's Avatar
    In short, yes, it's possible to change any sound you want!

    It takes a little bit of know-how to do it right.

    There's also a way to make ringtones from your music without having to pay $2!

    Search around the forums/Google for a tutorial. Keep us up to date on your progress and/or success/fail story. haha

    Oh, btw, I've included what I use for my SMS sound. It's the Star Trek communicator from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Easy way to add this is to download iPhone Browser from:
    Downloads - iphonebrowser - Google Code

    Then drop the file I attached into the "UI Sounds" folder. It will overwrite your first stock SMS tone after a reboot.

    Before you do anything though, read one of the tutorials to get yourself familiar.
    06-28-2009 08:44 AM