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    i have never jailbroken my iphone before, so i apologize if their has already been these questions asked

    basically i decided to jailbreak my iphone, and ive been researching it so i dont screw up my phone. i have an 8 gig 3g iphone with the 3.0 update.
    ive heard that i can't jailbreak my iphone without having the ultrasnow update that came out today, or else options like calling and internet will be disabled on my phone if i use the redsnow firmware. i basically need to know if i should download the ultrasnow than jailbreak my phone, or if i should download red snow and jailbreak it, than download ultrasnow, because i am being told alot of differnet things and i am just overall confused with this whole process, so any links to any guides or answers to my questions, or what i should or shouldnt do would be helpfull and much appreciated, thank you-max
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