1. Goldentree's Avatar
    Hey guys, I was going to post this in the app discussion area, but I'm not sure it belongs there since this is an app only available to jailbreakers. Please move the topic if I am wrong. Thanks!

    Trying to use the Qik app (live video streaming), and it isn't working at all. Is anyone else using this app with a jailbroken phone running firmware 3.0? Just wondering if it's a compatibility issue with 3.0, or if the Qik site is having trouble right now. Or maybe I just have the wrong version of Qik, but it's all I could find on Cydia or Icy, version 3.75?
    06-22-2009 02:07 PM
  2. geemanaz's Avatar
    not all app are working with os 3.0 right now and most of the app in cydia or icy have not been update to os 3.0 so i say give it a week or two before downloading App form Cydia or ice
    06-22-2009 02:20 PM
  3. Muero's Avatar
    Qik works for me on jailbroken 3.0. Make sure you're using the latest version. Cydia says I have version 3.75.
    06-22-2009 03:33 PM
  4. tx76mike's Avatar
    Works great on mine. 3G 16g 3.0
    06-22-2009 07:50 PM