1. MPIIIMan's Avatar
    I recently successfully jailbroke my iPhone, but ran into a problem I though I would share.

    I believe my PCMCIA card does not provide power to my phone. I believe this because when I have my phone plugged in, my battery shows it's charging. If I leave it plugged in though, my battery drains.

    Due to the card not providing power, I was having problems putting the phone into recovery mode, and Quickpwn halting at the steps where it tells you how to put it in the recovery mode. Seemed as though Quickpwn was not recognizing my phone once it powered down and back on.

    After 8 hours or so, of trying over and over with the PCMCIA card I finally gave up, and used my other laptop. Everything worked successfully the first time through the jailbreak process.

    I thought I would share this in hopes it could help others.
    06-16-2009 12:49 PM