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    I've just jailbroken my 1st generation 2G phone to 2.2.1 and it's working good so far. Couple questions:

    1. I backup the phone before doing that. After jailbreak and unlock, all my contacts are gone. How can synch them back? What about the apps I downloaded before?

    2. Even since my phone was jailbroken (even for the old version), I always see a red dot on the voicemail icon every time after I rebooted the phone. I had to call the voicemail (and of course find out there's no voicemails) and hang up, then the red dot would go away. I was told it's because I have T-Mobile, not AT&T. I can live with that (but would love to know if that can be fixed) but a few days ago, after I call the voicemail and hang up, I would immediately receive a blank text message from "@" (there's no sender) and the red dot doesn't go away. Any clue?

    Thanks a lot!
    04-26-2009 04:54 AM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    1. Do you have your contact synced anywhere (not just iTunes...something like Google or MobileMe)? Best bet would be to sync with one of those services and then re-enable it and your contacts will be there.

    2. I use AT&T so I can't help you here.
    04-27-2009 01:36 PM
  3. treouserinla2's Avatar
    [This is the second thread I've seen with this problem. I'm reposting my post below from another thread.]

    This is not a problem with your phone. This is a problem with T-Mobile. They just recently changed the way their voicemail alerts function.

    Here's the best discussion I've found about the issue:

    [Okay, I can't post links because I'm apparently too new to this blog. But, here's the link that you'll have to replace the DOTs with "."]

    www DOT hackint0sh DOT org/forum/f127/71287-6.htm

    Maybe we can start thread about this issue on The iPhone Blog?
    04-29-2009 07:40 PM