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    So after googling for what felt like hours I've still yet to find a decent tutorial on how to use WinSCP with my iPhone (2G). The main problem arises because I apparently need "OpenSSH" and "BSD Subsystem" packages installed, both of which, tutorials state, are available from installer.
    But when I jailbroke my iPhone using QuickPwn, I opted to omit installer because installer likes it in the *** and I don't. I was only ever able to successfully install one package using installer: customize, which hasn't worked since 1.x firmware if I remember correctly. But then, that's not so bad a percentage when you remember that there are only about 5 apps available on Installer.
    Anyways, OpenSSH was available on Cydia, however I can't find anything that even sounds like a "BSD Subsystem". So I figure, there must be a way to get installer on there now and then take the damn thing back off once I'm done with it. And I'm right, except that in order to get installer on there if it's not already you have to USE WinSCP!!! For which, of course, you must have already installed a package USING INSTALLER.

    So anyways, what I'm getting at is simply this. I need WinSCP to modify permissions on a directory in my iPhone; that's all. If there's any other way to do this, I'm not opposed. But if it's the only way (which it seems to be), how the hell can I make it work without re-jailbreaking?

    03-23-2009 10:15 PM