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    I just go my iPhone this weekend and I'm a little unfamiliar with some of this stuff. I've tried looking for an answer on various forums, but havn't been able to find it yet. Here goes.
    I have an iPhone 2g that is already unlocked and jailbroken (bought it that way, so I don't know what method was used). It does not have Cydia on it and I would like to get it so I can install 3rd party apps.
    My question is can I just download it somewhere to the phone or do I have to go through the unlocking/jailbreak process all over again?
    I'm a little hesitant to mess with it since it's working very nicely now and it's all set up and I don't want to risk screwing it up or having to reconfigure everything.
    If the only way to get Cydia on the phone is to re-unlock/jailbreak it, can someone post a good link to a guide on how to do it?

    EDIT: This link sort of explains it I think, but my phone has 2.2 on it and the article doesn't mention anything about that.
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    03-18-2009 12:50 PM
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    Ok i'm new here so i decided to earn some stripes.

    The only way you could install cydia without re-jailbreaking would be to SSH into the iphone using winscp and putting cydia where it needs to go (under /Applications/Cydia.app) as for where to even get the app will take some research, try torrents. Don't worry about getting the most up to date, if it is installed correctly you should be able to update it from the phone.

    To SSH into the phone you need to have a toggle program to turn on and off features (in this case turn on SSH). The most popular are Bossprefs and SBSettings, to get these you'll need cydia or installer hahah.

    but in all honnesty installing apps this way can be a lil troublesome, i would recomend re-jailbreak to get cydia, or if the app installer is on your phone you may be able to find cydia there (but they seem as if they are in competition with one another so i doubt you will find cydia on installer). You will have to re-jailbreak if you don't have anyway of getting non-appstore apps because you need to be able to have one of those two programs to open SSH into the phone, Cheers.
    03-18-2009 05:40 PM
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    I'd recommend finding a custom 2.2.1 firmware image that I'd set to preserve the baseband. You would then install the custom firmware by just going into iTunes, shift clicking on the restore button and selecting the firmware image you downloaded.
    03-18-2009 09:11 PM
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    Hmm... this all sounds so confusing. I'm thinking I might just leave as it for now.
    I guess I'll look into re-jailbreaking it after 3.0 is hacked.
    03-18-2009 09:45 PM