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    I tried jailbreaking my iphone 3g 2.2.1 on my macbook with quickpwn, and at the end when it says it will reboot, it never does. It only displays the apple logo, like it is rebooting, and will only vibrate every few minutes. Can anyone help me just restore it in itunes? itunes won't even pull it up now...

    ANY help would be much appreciated to just get my phone working again so I can study!

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    03-11-2009 10:44 PM
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    sorry i was perusing the previous threads and like 20 pages down it talked about the recovery mode

    i was able to do that after a few tries
    03-11-2009 11:03 PM
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    Glade to see you worked it out...
    03-12-2009 12:45 PM
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    Or you could have just went right to this sticky thread: http://forum.theiphoneblog.com/iphon...-3-9-09-a.html
    03-12-2009 01:00 PM