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    I have jailbroken 2 G3s on 2.2.1 so far, and everything was fine... but then my root partition started filling up. I read on a few places that it's recommended to resize the root partition to 500 MB or so. Tonight I resotred my iPhone, with the intent on re-jailbreaking it, but resizing the root partition. The only problem is that I can only find guides and tools to jailbreak and resize the root partition for earlier firmware versions.

    Can someone point me to a tool/guide to resize the root partition for 2.2.1?

    03-07-2009 09:31 PM
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    Well, after doing more digging, I found that in order to have a resized root partition, you need a custom firmware. Unfortunately, it seems you can only make a custom firmware using PwnageTool on a Mac.

    I found 2 different custom 2.2.1 firmware image files on the web. Both images preserve the baseband version (which doesn't matter to me since I bought my iPhone with 2.2.1 pre-installed), an expanded root partition, and pre-jailbroken. The instructions given with both of these images is to launch iTunes and do a Shift-Click on the Restore button, and select the image file.

    Both images give me the same result, iTunes returns a 1604 error message saying it has failed to do a restore, leaving my iPhone in recovery mode. I can do a regular restore through iTunes, and then jailbreak it the normal way with QuickPwn just fine... but that leaves me with the default root partition size.

    So does anyone have a clue why iTunes is choking on these custom firmware images? Or does someone know of a different way to install a custom firmware? I really want a bigger root partition, but I'm getting a little tired of banging my head against the wall. :-(

    03-08-2009 10:36 AM
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    same here man, I might have to do a restore and want to know the same thing for PC tho lol
    03-19-2009 08:57 PM
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    03-19-2009 11:52 PM
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    It's not obvious for someone running a PC, but I eventually found out that the Mac guide posted above has some of the info needed. I kept skipping over that guide because it is labeled as the Mac OS X Edition, and I've never owned a Mac.

    If you're running a PC, get a hold of a custom firmware image and skip to step #8 of that guide. From that point on, the guide is pretty much OS independent.
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    03-20-2009 01:06 AM