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    Can anybody please help identify this app? I assumed it was part of BossPrefs. I went to upgrade to SBSettings and uninstalled BossPrefs but now I have both the SBSettings dashboard as well as the one pictured below rendering both rather useless. If it is part of BossPrefs why did it not uninstall with the program itself? Is there something else I need to delete to get this to go away? If not BossPrefs, what is it and, again, what do I have to delete to make it go away?


    since I am not senior enough to post images directly I have included an external link to the image


    Actually, it would be really cool if somebody could post that image for me in this thread. Would that be OK, mods?
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    Here's the image, but I don't know where it's from.
    03-04-2009 03:21 PM