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    I'm not new to the jailbreak and unlok bc I've unlocked/jb my first gen iPhone. Since then I've had the curve storm bold then back to iPhone 3g. I really didnt want to hack this phone because I wanted the freedom to update whenever a new update comes out. My question is if I jailbreak and a new update comes out can I update without bricking my phone? I know about the restore but I never used AT&T iPhone always used tmobile and after the restore it shows plug iPhone in and activate and ive always jailbreaken at this point. is this the same for AT&T and if so how do I bypass that so I can have the new update without j/b? I know in the past everyone was worried about the updates because of bricking there phone so they couldn't update when they came out. I don't want to have to wait like that again. Any help
    02-27-2009 12:16 PM