1. av8ndad's Avatar
    I used QuickPwn to jailbreak my 3G iPhone last night and everything went smoothly including the install of several apps using Cydia.

    I wanted to install uSirius, but couldn't find it on any of the repositories so I downloaded it from Millard Software dot come using the following URL:

    w w w dot millardsoftware dot com/files/downloads/usirius/iphone/uSirius.app.zip

    Once I downloaded the app to my Mac and expanded the .zip file, I used Open SSH to place the app into the Applications directory on the iPhone. I know that it is on the phone because I can see it and its icon in BossPrefs, but I can't get it to appear on my spring board (even after power cycling, rebooting, etc.).

    What am I doing wrong?
    02-13-2009 10:23 AM
  2. SubEd's Avatar
    uSirius runs on your home computer. It generates the address for the Sirius channel you want to listen to on your phone. Put Orb on it as well and get the Orb app on your iPhone.

    Or...wait a short while for the Starplayr app to be released on iTunes.
    02-19-2009 01:03 PM