1. Wolfie#IM's Avatar
    ...there don't seem to be any other problems, but my phone app just shuts down after 2-3 seconds after opening it. No problem receivng calls, texting, or Internet. I am running Firmware 2.2.1 on the 3G iPhone. I had installed other apps through Cydia without any problems. I noticed the issue only after installing Winterboard (at which point the phone automatically rebooted). Removing the Winterboard application did not resolve the problem. Please help.. Thank you!!
    02-09-2009 08:22 PM
  2. whataturk's Avatar
    I had this problem as well so uninstalled Winterboard, which didn't work...then uninstalled mobile enhancer (from installer) and then shut off the phone. It is now working fine...for the moment...
    Try uninstalling both apps and rebooting...
    hope this helps
    02-11-2009 01:48 AM
  3. Wolfie#IM's Avatar
    As it turns out, the problem was with my I initial installation of the Jailbreak tools. I think I mistakenly installed 'pwnage tool' instead of 'quickPWN'; I had used a Mac previously). All my apps now work! I wasn't paying close enough attention, yet is easy to overlook on some sites which offer the downloads. As a matter of fact, the installation app icon(the Pineapple) and procedure for the jailbreak are IDENTICAL!! "wataturk"... I would check to see if you made the same error so that you will be able to use all the tools jailbreaking offers!
    02-12-2009 07:07 AM