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  1. Markus Gregorius's Avatar
    Successfully committed a jailbreak on my 8gig 3g iPhone. Tether up to my puter with USB cable and by connecting through pdaNet. Works great for about 5 to 10 minutes whenI lose internet connectivity with IE or Firefox. pdaNet icon still shows me connected as does the computer network paramaters. Yahoo IM still will work, but just lose the browser capability. My workaround is to 'disconnect' and then 'connect' usind pdaNet systray icon. HELP PLEASE

    I should add at this time, that I had Yahoo IM running fine for over an hour without loss of IM connectivity. Concurrently, I would try to log on to IE or Firefox and I get the unable to connect message. Meanwhile, all icons indicate that I am connected. Had to 'disconnect and reconnect' to add this addendum.

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