1. philiphone's Avatar

    After reading so many different tutorials and blogs about jailbreaking the iPhone with the new Macbook 2008 I lost the plot

    I bought an iPhone yesterday and I am thinking of jailbreaking it. Now, the thing is I got the new Macbook 2008, and my iTunes version is 8.0.2 (20).

    I understand that I have to jailbreak my iPhone with a different computer (I got a spare Windows Computer I could use).

    My Questions are:
    - If I jailbreak it with my Windows PC, will I be able to conect it to my Macbook 2008 and use iTunes (Music etc) and synchronise it?
    - Is there any option to jailbreakt it with my Macbook 2008?

    as I said, I havnt even opend the Box, so it's a brand new Iphone... not activated, nothing...

    Thanks for your help!

    02-01-2009 04:05 AM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    You can jailbreak it from the Windows PC and then use the Mac to sync.
    02-02-2009 04:34 PM