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    Greetings All!
    I've been looking around for a forum where I can post a question and get a response. But here's the big but, the moderators have not posted my question to be answered. I think it was my fault no one else's. I may have been on an apple related site and they did not want 'jailbreak' spoken.

    OK, here's the deal.
    I've had I iphones since they came about. When 3g came, got it with 16gb.
    Did not jailbreak all that time until just recently.
    And only because I wanted to have video recording capabilities plus the abilities
    to email what I video'd. So I found that with videorecorder. Plus this company
    Dreamcatcher a package deal with an audio recorder with the same capabilities.
    So I purchased that. I used the free video evaluation for a bit but then just bought the 2 together.

    NOW, here's the problem, my phone was already jailbroken. Everything was working fine. I tried the video program, it was fine. When I bought the
    programs, when my phone would ring, I would answer it, the person calling me, could hear me, I could not hear them.

    SO, I call, AT&T, never mention jailbreaking, we do everything possible to the phone. The Problem Does Not Change. They Get Apple Involved.
    I Spend the next 2 hours with Apple do everything and more...Still does not change.

    THEY say, you need a new phone.They set an appointment up for me and within 2 hours, I was at the store and on my way home with a brand new phone.


    BUT...I bought this video & audio program...

    SO I jailbroke my phone again,
    installed the programs AND I COULD NOT MAKE CALLS. I could receive them
    I just could not make them.

    REPEATED EVERYTHING that I said above and Apple did the same thing after another 2 hours (this time we even had put in
    3 new sim cards) they made an appointment, I went to the store, and this
    time within only 90 minutes I was on my way home with my new phone.

    BOTTOMLINE, NEVER heard this before, I had 2 new iphones replaced in 6 days. Am I going to jailbreak? I have to think it's a real fluke.

    Was I ever questioned by anyone on the phone or even when they had the phone in their hand about jailbreaking ? NO!

    Do I Play the Lottery? No! Should I? I'm open to your advice!
    Thank You for reading...BUTT...APPLE'S SERVICE & TECH SUPPORT
    in my opinion AWESOME!!!
    01-29-2009 04:13 PM