1. EnterpriseGlobe's Avatar
    I have heard some information and even have read review about Jailbreaking the iPhone. But I still do not know what to do. Do I need to do it or not?
    01-28-2009 04:29 AM
  2. reyza's Avatar
    You don't need to. There are many benefits to doing it (Copy/paste, MMS, customizability, Landscape SMS/forwarding,etc) but it's not something you HAVE to do. It's your choice. To me the difference is night and day and would never keep a non-jailbroken phone.
    Here's a few more reasons:
    Jailbreak iPhone | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    At the moment, only firmware 2.2 is jailbreakable, not the recent 2.2.1.
    There are guides everywhere.
    Here's one:
    QuickPwn Guide | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    01-28-2009 05:22 AM