1. mattplex's Avatar
    I have read most of the tips and tools in the forum and cannot find anything to upgrade my 2.1 haxrd iPhone.
    Ive just found things to jailbreak a 2.1.

    Am I missing something or do I use the 2.1 PC quickpwn?

    (My first time doing this, friend did it the first time)

    Thanks in advance.
    01-21-2009 07:01 PM
  2. melwan's Avatar
    Well, I recommend that you upgrade to 2.2 through iTunes first, then jailbreak the 2.2 version using QuickPwn 2.2

    As of upgrading in iTunes to 2.2, connect your iPhone to the PC, launch iTunes, hit the Upgrade button.

    Good luck

    EDIT: I re-read your post. You want to jailbreak, right? or did I misunderstand?
    01-21-2009 07:27 PM
  3. mattplex's Avatar
    I am currently Jailbroken at 2.1.
    So I should upgrade through iTunes to 2.2, then use Quickpwn 2.2 to jailbreak it again?

    2 things.
    1) Is there a quickpwn 2.2 for PC?
    2) Would I have to redownload everything I have already downloaded for my phone currently?

    01-21-2009 09:05 PM
  4. melwan's Avatar
    Yes, you have to upgrade to 2.2 in iTunes and then re-jailbreak.

    Yes, there is QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows. Link (btw, make sure you have the latest version of .net framework or QuickPwn will not run)

    Regarding the redownlading of everything, that's what I did as I wanted to start clean. But, I am not 100% sure if there is a way to back it up and restore the backup after you done jailbreaking. Can someone with more experience with backups confirm this please?
    01-21-2009 11:33 PM
  5. mattplex's Avatar
    I dont have to restore my phone through iTunes. Right? Just download 2.2 and upgrade through iTunes.. Then quickpwn it? Correct?
    01-22-2009 07:37 PM
  6. kdarraz's Avatar
    Hi guys. I have a desimlocked Iphone 3G with 2.1 installed. I wanted to know if it will be locked again when I upgrade to 2.2 via Itunes?
    Should I jailbreak? (I know tough question this one )
    01-24-2009 06:51 PM