1. jamesus's Avatar
    Yesterday Bad Ash posted an item on the front page about the newest copy & paste option for jailbroken iPhones.


    In playing around with this, I have found that:
    1. It works for copy and paste (at least in my testing)
    2. There is another function that others might not know about

    What I found is that you can mass replace text or mass delete text in what you were typing. For copy & paste, you select what you want to copy and then paste it in another window. If you are like me and don't realize that you misspelled a word (or Apple decided you wanted to type 'Duck' or 'Shot' in lieu of the colorful variety) or you decide that the last sentence you just typed is garbage, you can either hold down on the delete button or place the cursor in the place you need to edit. With Clippy, you can select a portion of the text entered and then hit the delete button once and it will delete the text or start typing and it will insert the text you are typing.
    01-21-2009 04:01 PM
  2. gshemesh's Avatar
    this is the best copy n paste app its sick
    02-08-2009 03:33 PM