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    Ok, I jailbroke my phone the other day and was really enjoying being able to actually do things with my phone (outside of BT profiles). Unfortunately, I had to un-jailbreak it because I have an issue and hopefully someone will be able to answer me. I unjailbroke the phone more to decrease technical difficulties with my situation than anything else.

    I am leaving the country and bound for a very warm location where AT&T international service is unavailable. I will *probably* have internet access to run firmware updates, etc. My plan is to use the iphone with the Phone turned off and wifi on, etc to have access to the music, photos, etc.

    My big question comes when I update the firmware. By necessity, it erases the current iPhone, writes the new Update to the phone, then restores the phone from the last backup. This requires the phone to be re-activated upon updating (I learned this throught jailbreaking, unjailbreaking, etc).

    The question is: does this re-activation come via itunes and the sync cable connection or over the air via AT&T signals? I know it waits for your itunes id to be sent to the phone to "id" the phone, but then it activates.

    If its over-the-air updatng the phone will, of course, brick it because tere will be no AT&T signal, if its via itunes, then jailbreaking, updating, et al might take a while but shoudl work via the sync cable and my laptop.

    Thanks for reading this rambling and answering me.

    P.S. One more quick question. Is it just me, or did my phone seem a little more sluggish after jailbreaking and changing the theme to Glass? The only things I did when it was jailbreaked wass change the theme and install SBSSettings.
    12-13-2008 02:52 AM
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    I know this may seem stupid or noob-ish but I am trying to verify that I can re-activate my phone from a non-AT&T area after a upgrade/jailbreak.
    12-13-2008 04:05 PM