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    Before I continued I briefly looked in this forum for a solution, some close but still had questions lol.

    I pretty much just ditched my Blackberry Bold (Rogers Unlocked) for the iPhone 3g. I bought an Officially/Factory Unlocked iPhone 3G which should be here Monday morning. I know I need to use QuickPwn 2.2 but do I need to just go ahead and update to firmware 2.2 (if it isnt updated already which i doubt) and then run QuickPwn or should I download the 2.2 Firmware IPSW file and follow the "How To Jailbreak Guide" in the forum?

    On the QuickPwn site it states simply just upgrade to 2.2 using iTunes and then use QuickPwn but I would rather make sure so I dont Brick my new toy lol. Thanks for all of the future Help.
    12-06-2008 10:31 AM