1. anna#IM's Avatar
    i am using an iphone 2g.
    as i was updating its software from 2.1 to 2.2, an error occured, i don't know why or how.
    a picture that has the cd with a musical note below it written itunes and under that there's a picture of the usb.
    i restored it from the itunes.
    from then on, i can't open my phone.
    i was able to unlock my sim card but i can't open the menu.
    itunes said that my sim card wasn't compatible with the phone.
    by the way, i'm using a globe sim card, i'm from the philippines.

    is jailbreaking can help me use my iphone again, with my sim card?

    i badly need your help guys!
    11-30-2008 04:49 AM
  2. islander#IM's Avatar
    My wife used her iphone in the Philippines and change the sim card to globe or smart and did not have any problems. Not sure how you unlocked your phone but the best way is to use winpwn-2.5. Go to youtube.com and search 2.2 unlock or upgrade for the step-by-step details.

    hope this helps.
    11-30-2008 08:22 AM