1. boomstick747's Avatar
    Same as title really. I have a 3g with 2.2 os. I want to be able to add themes to the iphone, there is a custom one i wanna try. I have a new macbook, so i know i'm outta luck there. I have access to an older mac.
    - I have no idea how to jail break my 3g 2.2 OS. all the info i have found is telling ppl how to update a jailbroken 3g TO 2.2/
    - if i use the older mac to jailbreak the phone, will i have to install the latest version of itunes onto it?

    I tried to jail break the iphone on the old mac i have but when i pluged it into the new mac, itunes told me that i have to restore again, so i lost all the stuff i just did.
    I am totally lost here, never done this before, any help would be much appreciated.
    11-25-2008 04:13 PM
  2. Dieters Watch's Avatar
    you need to use quickpwn or the latest pwnage tool. on a older mac. and if you are with att your best bet is to just you quickpwn. if you want to preserve the baseband for a unlock at a later time use this guide.

    How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2 (Preserving Baseband) - Mac OS X Edition | The iPhone Blog
    11-25-2008 05:17 PM
  3. boomstick747's Avatar
    thanks for the info, i will try it
    11-25-2008 06:49 PM