1. Apocrathia's Avatar
    I've jailbroken my phone twice now. Both times my phone app has broken. When I hit the phone button the keypad comes up then quits. Doesn't matter how many times I restart, it will still do it. First time I jailbroke my phone and it started doing it, I had no idea what caused it. This time I noticed it happened directly after installing winterboard. I even tried uninstalling winterboard to see if it would fix the problem, but it seemed to have just broken the app.
    I really liked having the cydia apps at my disposal like netatalk, openssh, and terminal. I'm a linux nerd, so I can get a lot of use of out it.
    Has anyone else had this problem before, or am I a rare case? I am doing a full wipe and reload of my phone.
    I have a 8gb 3G and I am a mac user. I used quickpwn to jailbreak the phone.
    10-27-2008 12:46 AM
  2. MOHCTPA's Avatar
    I have the same problem! Phone.App does not start and I did install WinterBoard before. Is Restore the only way? or can one restore a single application??
    10-27-2008 03:08 AM
  3. Apocrathia's Avatar
    I have no idea how to fix it. I've had to do a full restore every time. Although this time I did a clean restore instead of restoring from a backup.
    I am thinking maybe everything might work if I use pwnage tool instead? I am still new to the jailbreak scene, so I really don't know what will work. I really want my phone to be jailbroken because I love the apps you can get, but if it breaks the primary function of my phone, then what's the point of jailbreaking?
    10-27-2008 09:21 AM
  4. jamesus's Avatar
    I have Winterboard installed and do not have this issue. Maybe try uninstalling Winterboard and then soft resetting your phone.

    Once you jailbreak your phone, you should not restore from a backup. It is advised to start fresh.
    10-27-2008 11:09 AM
  5. Apocrathia's Avatar
    I am going to try to unlock my phone again tonight. I have done a fresh restore this time. I am just not going to touch winterboard this time. Does anyone know if this is a known issue or am I just an abnormality?
    10-28-2008 03:17 PM
  6. spartan081's Avatar
    I have the same problem. After jailbreaking my phone I noticed that after installing winterboard and some of the themes that my phone app is broken. After removing winterboard and rebooting my iphone it is still broken. I wonder if the winterboard guys are aware of this bug. Is there a fix or do I have to restore my iphone?
    01-23-2009 02:32 PM
  7. melwan's Avatar
    I believe this issue is caused by a conflict between WinterBoard and few apps from Installer namely: Kate, Mobile Enhancer, and RIP DEV Preferences. When I removed these apps, everything was running smoothly. Therefore, I re-jailbroke my phone without selecting Installer in the first place and I don't miss it.
    01-23-2009 03:34 PM