1. cjvitek's Avatar
    Does jailbreaking slow your phone down?

    My wife just got a new iPhone the other day, and her response time is positively snappy compared to mine.

    Now, she doesn't have any songs or videos, only 2 apps beyond the initial iPhone apps, but we have the same firmware, and my phone is jailbroken.

    Is jailbreaking slowing down my phone, or does it slow down due to increased numbers of apps, song, videos, etc?

    I sort of miss the snappy feel my iPhone used to have (and hers has) and am trying to figure out how to get it back.

    10-26-2008 11:06 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    It should not slow down either way. Jailbroken or not. Now maybe a certain jailbroken app you installed is creating the issue. But the only way you will find out is by uninstalling them one at a time and seeing how your phone reacts.
    10-26-2008 12:54 PM
  3. jamesus's Avatar
    I've noticed that the more media and apps that you have loaded, the device seems to be slightly slower. Could be a jailbroken app as well...
    10-26-2008 05:08 PM
  4. cjvitek's Avatar
    I removed background and winterboard, as well as a analog battery meter, and the iPhone seemed noticably quicker. Of course, since I am returning it for repair/replacement, I am not un-jailbreaking my phone entirely. I will see if it seems faster after I have all the media and apps back on, but not jailbroken.

    10-26-2008 07:47 PM