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    Anyone else having problems with customize lately? I upgraded and re- quickpwned (no installer) my iphone 3g, fw 2.1, last night and now i can't get customize to load. The page starts to open and then it goes back to the springboard pages. Any ideas? DO i need to load installer? If not, the main reason i am trying to open customize is to change the strings, so i can put my own labels and phrases in certain areas on the phone. i.e...instead of slide to open, i put WAR EAGLE, and other similar functions. (which i have done before). If i can't get customize to load, is there another way to change this?


    and by the way, even when customize would open, i could never get it to load a theme anyway, so the only reason i want customize is to change the system strings.

    10-20-2008 09:45 AM
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    have you checked out winterboard? you can do similar modifications as customize. check out this link. may be of some help to you.
    10-20-2008 01:11 PM
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    I check this site out frequently, but this really doesn't help my problem. Thanks tho
    10-20-2008 01:26 PM
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    I check this site out frequently, but this really doesn't help my problem. Thanks tho
    how does this not help? this is exactly what you are wanting to do no?

    Theming .strings Localization Files

    When a program needs to support multiple languages, what it does is it constructs multiple folders in its bundle of the form <language>.lproj. Inside of these folders it has .strings files, which are serialized property lists (which, in turn, can be in one of a number of different formats). These .strings files are called "tables" and map from "keys" to localized strings.

    As an example, SpringBoard.app has a folder English.lproj, which contains a file SpringBoard.strings, which maps the key "AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" to the value "slide to unlock". This string is what is displayed on the main lock screen under the slider.

    This file is stored in the binary version of the property list format, but you can convert it by first installing Erica's Utilities from Cydia and then running plutil -c xml1 on the file (I'd recommend doing this to a copy so you aren't changing your original).

    If you'd like to change this text you can mirror that same structure in your theme under Folders/SpringBoard.app/. Inside your SpringBoard.strings you will want to map just that one string to a different value. The simplest format you can use is the string table format, which looks like this:

    "AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "slide to saurik";
    10-20-2008 01:29 PM
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    Ok, maybe it would work if i understood it. (lol). SO i have a program Diskaid running right now. (This is basically winscp and ssh with a direct ubs link instead of wifi.

    I have the root folder open now, and i went into apps and there is no springboard. Where can i find this? I still don't understand all of the folders and placements in the root folder yet.

    Can you help more? also, since the problem lies within Customize (at least that's where it was really easy to change these things) any ideas why customize won't work.

    you can also send me a private message, or email at hoag34@hotmail.com put iphone 3g in subject line (it's a junk account i use so don't worry about spam).
    10-20-2008 01:49 PM