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    Hi guys, nice forum!

    Unfortuately my first post has to be fault related:

    I have followed many guides to try jailbreaking my iPhone.

    The most recent attempt was with the guide posted here on this forum.

    I must say that my early experiences with this method has been nothing but problems...

    Sometimes the "installer" app will randomly close (normally when typing something in to the search function. It boots me back to the iPhone dashboard.

    Several restores later and "installer" seems so buggy. It keeps crashing whenever I try to search for something. It boots me out and back to the iPhone desktop. Another time the whole iPhone crashed and automatically reset.

    The process of jailbreaking completes fine, but the "installer" is just so buggy. Constant crashes and the inability to use apps that i like makes life difficult when getting it all sorted.

    I have tried many times to download "Beejive", however it also crashes, and once finally installed, it says that it can not load this application.

    Cydia seems to work fine. My last attempts with installer would not let me search at all. I got as far as typing w-i-n... and then it crashed. Tried this about 3-4 times to no avail.

    Firmware is definately up to date. I have checked everything multiple times to ensure that all settings are correct when going ahead with the jailbreak process. Once jailbroken, I ensure that Cydia and Installer are updated with the required application updates before I attempt to download anything.

    Strange, any ideas?
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    10-19-2008 10:03 PM
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    this is strange. Have you installed anything that may be interfering with the installer app? I have heard of peope running into problems after they have installed winterboard.
    10-19-2008 10:21 PM
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    Negative. These issues occur straight from a clean restore and jailbreak.

    I then run the necessary recommended updates for Cydia and Installer. Before downloading anything, it often crashes whilst browsing installer...
    10-19-2008 10:32 PM