1. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Hey everyone... i'm finally thinking about caving in and Jailbreaking.

    I have a few questions though i'm hoping to get answered....

    -Is it slower? to have a jailbroken phone on 2.1 rather then the Real official 2.1?

    - I noticed that on one website someone had an application that had FOLDERS on his home screen and when you went into those folders it would have the Apps. sort of like making folders for Games, Utility, Media. THen inside those folders he had all of his applications.
    What is that called? and if i jailbreak... how do i install it and get it on my phone!

    - last question, does anyone know any other good UI tweak Apps once you've jailbroken? and how to install them?

    10-08-2008 10:25 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Not slower.

    Not sure exactly, never used the folders. [another member was talking about that recently in another post, I'd link it but I'm in a hurry.]

    Winterboard - available via Cydia

    Hope this helps.
    10-08-2008 11:51 AM
  3. cjvitek's Avatar
    I use folders.

    It is a program called categories. You can create a categorical folder, then put different applications in it.

    So instead of having 7 pages of applications, you can have a directory/subdirectory process.

    However, it is't a "real" folder setup. The folder is actually an application that opens up, and then runs the application you choose from within. But it functions that same as a subdirectory.

    So now, instead of having 3 pages of games on my iPhone (which I didn't like), I have all my games in a separate subdirectory.

    10-08-2008 01:48 PM