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    I'll be getting a new, unactivated Iphone which I would like to use with T-Mo. I've read a vast amount of information and with all the recent changes I would like to know the right steps to begin with.

    The phone should have original software/firmware and this is the part where I am stuck. I know the phone will ask to be activated in the beginning. So where do I go from here? Should I jailbreak or unlock or both (considering I would like to update to the latest firmware 2.1)?

    From my understanding I can use quickpwn2.1 but what do I have to do to get to 2.1 from a new phone? Does itunes allow update to firmware without being activated?

    Please help if possible. Im sure this is a walk in the park for most of you.
    09-30-2008 04:18 AM
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    First thing you want to do is update iTunes to iTunes 8. Then plug your iPhone into your computer and update to the latest firmware via iTunes. This should not be a issue even if it's not activated. Then you are going to want to jailbreak with Quickpwn and finally use bootnueter to unlock your device. Hope this helps.
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    10-01-2008 09:40 AM
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    Thanks for the help, Bad Ash. I'm posting to bring some closure to this thread and it may perhaps assist others in the future.

    I was researching before I had the phone so my roadblock was knowing whether or not I could update the software if the phone was not activated. Now I know that the phone can be updated via itunes without being activated or jail broken. I updated the phone with itunes and then used the pwnage 2.1 tool which took care of the jailbreak and the unlocking.
    10-11-2008 06:45 PM