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    I just jailbroke my iPhone 3G and everything appeared to work just fine. I launched the installer when my phone came back up and saw the "featured" apps listed. First one was the Adikus Pool game, when into it and clicked the install button. The "task" button at the bottom lit up with a 1 in the right corner so I went there and watched, then I got notified that there was an update for the installer and I should install it, so I chose to do so. As far as I can tell, both installed (the pool game's "install" button now says "uninstall"), but I don't see a button on the springboard for the pool game... should there be one? also, whenever I click on anything in the "featured" section of the installer (other than pool which shows the program and the uninstall button) I get taken to the search screen with something like "id:net.ispazio.iglassssol" listed in the search box, and a cancel button... but nothing ever happens. Did I break something? Please help, thanks.
    09-29-2008 12:54 PM
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    ok, well I guess it's ok... I went in and installed something else and the phone rebooted and now the pool icon is there.
    09-29-2008 01:32 PM