1. numb#IM's Avatar
    OMG someone please help me. Well yesterday at like 5-6 pm...I used the mooglex simcard unlock tool to unlock my iPhone 3G. It worked fine on T-Mobile, but there was something wrong. My SIM Card Holder in the iPhone would not get out. It was stuck in there. I ejected it and it came out just a little bit..but it wouldnt come out. But I didn't worry because all I wanted was to be on T-Mobile. But this unlock only worked for about 7 hours, then it just showed either No SIM or No Service (<-usually I have full bars in my house and even my sister has full bars on the same plan =( )...so what should I do?

    Here are the only two things I need to know:

    1) How to get my SIM Card Holder & my SIM Card OUT? =(

    2) Any solution to this? Any way to get this to work??

    Thanks in advance
    08-21-2008 10:50 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    I'd stay away from sim adapter hacks....

    08-21-2008 11:08 AM
  3. numb#IM's Avatar
    so how do i get the sim card holder out? ANY suggestions?
    08-21-2008 11:51 AM
  4. Jeremy's Avatar
    so how do i get the sim card holder out? ANY suggestions?
    Sorry, can't help you without actually looking at it.
    08-21-2008 11:53 AM
  5. s2by10's Avatar
    I've read on some websites searched on google that those things only work for a few hours then they stop working. Hopefully this is not the case but it seems everyone that bought one had a problem.
    08-24-2008 02:11 AM