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  1. mattgibstein's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    I finally got an iPhone today (1st generation obviously). I would like to unlock it and use it with T-Mobile, but I'm pretty sure it's not version 1.1.14. What's the best way to unlock/activate the phone, then update the firmware, and then unlock it yet again? Or do you not need to unlock the phone again...? I know iLiberty is preferred over ZiPhone because of the boot loader, however, what steps should I take to update my iPhone to 1.1.14 and then unlock it? Or am I wrong all together... Can I just unlock my new iPhone and then update? The problem is, I'm afraid of 'bricking my new phone'
    06-25-2008 01:25 PM
  2. IrishJK09's Avatar
    Step 1: Download iLiberty.

    Step 2: Turn the device off. (hold the sleep/wake button on the top right, then slide to turn off when prompted)

    Step 3: Open iTunes on your computer, next, hold the Home button (round button on bottom) and plug the iPhone into your computer. Keep holding the button until iTunes pops up a message saying that it has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode.

    Step 4: Once you have accomplished this, hit the restore button.

    Step 5: After iTunes downloads and restores the phone to 1.1.4, it will bring you to the activation screen. Don't do anything.

    Step 6: Open iLiberty.

    Step 7: Choose to Unlock, Activate, and Jailbreak. (also click the unlock with 3.9FB box)

    Step 8: Don't touch anything while it goes through the processes. This may take a few minutes.

    Step 9: When it is done, it will tell you. Now just pop in your already active T-Mobile SIM card and you are done.
    06-25-2008 02:02 PM
  3. caseychan's Avatar
    Honestly, CrazEtoon covered everything you needed to do in perfect step-by-step fashion.

    Good luck with your upgrade/jailbreak/unlock!
    06-25-2008 03:11 PM
  4. IrishJK09's Avatar
    One thing I would like to add...

    After you do the jailbreak, be careful what tweaks and utilities you install. Trust me...

    Oh, one last thing. Never upgrade your jailbroken/unlocked phone while it is jailbroken. Always wait for the hacking community to put together the best and safest way to jailbreak the new firmware, once they do, RESTORE the phone to the newest firmware first, then proceed to jailbreak.
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    06-25-2008 07:24 PM
  5. alex.stef's Avatar
    CrazEtooN, you rock! I might need to do this when I buy an iPhone so thanks a lot for making it so easy to follow
    06-26-2008 05:00 PM
  6. ngerard85's Avatar
    I've read u guys have good knowledge on iphone, i must tell u, im a noob at it... so... i just want to ask... i have a 1.0.2 iphone firmware... i have it unlocked or whatever.. i can run it with another carrier... also have the so famous "installer" app... (this is not the iphone 3g...its the previous one)... i was wondering... what should be the exact steps i should do...? and.. what firmware would u recommend for me?... im hoping to hear from u all... thanks a lot already for reading... take care!!
    02-01-2009 09:07 AM