1. burnsaa's Avatar
    So I read on the front page that vlc player will be coming to the iPhone albeit only for the jailbreaking community. I'm wondering if apple would ever let a program like this in the app store and if not why not? This is just the type of program that I would pay money for. Also I would love a program where I could stream videos & photos from my WHS to my iPhone.
    06-05-2008 04:25 PM
  2. cmaier's Avatar
    They'll allow it; nothing in the guidelines forbids it.
    06-06-2008 10:06 AM
  3. caseychan's Avatar
    Really? I'd imagine them not allowing VLC for iPhone because it takes away from iTunes specific formats, no?

    But I trust you cmaier, since you've gone over the app requirements more so than I have.
    06-08-2008 08:47 PM
  4. xtreker15's Avatar
    06-08-2008 11:24 PM
  5. Ryvannis's Avatar
    VLC would kill all needs to use iTunes. You wish Apple would support the VLC.
    06-09-2008 01:17 AM
  6. burnsaa's Avatar
    I wish, hope, and pray that they do. Not all of my media is in apples format in fact none of my videos are and I hate having to convert them to QuickTime friendly files just to watch them on the iPhone.
    06-09-2008 04:59 PM
  7. bomba's Avatar
    that would be nice it would save from having to convert all videos you want to .mp4 but that makes me wonder, if its not itunes supported how are you to get the video onto your ipod/iphone?
    07-08-2008 12:52 PM
  8. iShane's Avatar
    hopefully its as good as it was on my pc
    02-22-2009 12:15 AM
  9. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    I downloaded vlc player hoping that it would play videos that people send me in email. Does it do that? I'm not talking porn videos, mind you!
    02-23-2009 03:02 PM