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    Anyone else using iTunes to sync photos to an iPhone?

    When I do this, I let my iPhone do face matching overnight which overall works fine.

    I need to manually merge people quite often but thats ok.

    The problem I am seeing is that after naming some people, I would expect those people to remain and never be deleted, unless the photos from my PC were removed from syncing such that there are now 0 photos left for a particular person.

    However, even merely adding additional folders of new photos to sync to the phone, can mess up the face grouping so much that even the named people are no longer even present, and that is not even removal of any photos, just adding new ones. It does not remove any photos as such, just removes the people that have been created - or even when people are still present, their photos in their group can have been split into other groups.

    This is going to be a pain because once I have established all the people and their photos I care about, I will process photos for the next entire year, and all my grouping work is ruined. I don't see why groups that you have created are not left alone.

    Anyone else understand what I mean, and seeing this behavior?
    11-01-2016 03:38 PM

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