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    I believe I know "how" to do this, but have a question about what happens if I go this route.

    Set up a new iMac and put our music on an external drive. I was able to map my user account to the library using the "alt" / find library process.

    Now, I've got separate accounts for my wife and two kids and want to get their iTunes set up using the same media.

    Home sharing works great if computer is on and I'm logged in, but that's not great solution for us. I also don't want to put my iTunes folder in the shared folder, since I want my music and videos on the external drive.

    It does seem like I can use the "alt"/find library process for each account and it should work, though I understand only one user can use the library at a given time. That shouldn't be a problem for how we use our computer.

    Now, assuming the process works, my question - for those who have done this - here is my question: Can each individual user still customize their usage of iTunes to their liking? More importantly can each person customize what gets synced to their devices (phone/iPad)?

    Thanks in advance as I understand how the library file that iTunes creates works with the application.
    04-25-2016 07:29 AM

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