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    Hi everyone, I am planning to setup home sharing on my Mac Mini, to stream media to my other computers and Apple TV. I am wondering if I need to keep all my local iTunes files on my MacBook Pro or if I could delete them? My iTunes database files will move to the Mac Mini so I won't lose playlists and all the other things in the database file.

    My main question is what will happen when I try to run iTunes on my MacBook? I know I should see the share library in the side panel somewhere but will iTunes try to make a local database file and cause a mess. Is there a way to only have iTunes show the shared library or will I have to access the shared library if I want to play some music?

    Would opening iTunes, holding command and choosing the library on the Mac Mini be an acceptable solution (I don't plan to turn the Mac Mini off often, if at all).

    Thanks everyone.
    12-09-2015 10:14 PM

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