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    I can't get all the songs from iTunes onto the nano. I also don't understand about playlists. I have spent 2 headache-screaming I hate you ITunes-tearful days trying to do this. Could someone please walk me through the process? I have researched online and everything I find is a dead end. I need someone to actually hold my hand.
    10-27-2015 06:15 AM
  2. jimkraz's Avatar
    First of all I am speaking as someone from a PC perspective, first I make up my play list in iTunes with for nano, make a playlist over on the left side of iTune window, drag the songs you want to that play list, are you getting any songs/tracks on to the nano, of not check in settings that you are not set to manual cync, if you are and want to leave it that way, drag the albums/tracks onto your iPod Nano over on the left hand side, mid way between iTunes and playlists, also I might add, just incase, I asume that you have ripped the albums/tracks into iTunes and that they are there in your iTunes library, I have seen in the past people dragging mp3 files from disc to iTunes, then remove disc, tracks are no longer available, I prefer to rip tracks to hard drive, then drag n drop to iTunes, then don't move them as iTunes will lose connection with them. hope this helps a bit, by the way you can make up play lists on the iPod but it is easier to do it on PC with larger screen area.
    10-27-2015 09:58 AM

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