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    I have been having problems with swiping left to delete songs in iTunes (Match). I had this feeling that even though songs were NOT on my phone that iTunes thought they were and that perhaps it was taking up space. Both my 16gb iPhone 5s and 16gb iPad Mini 1 seemed to be running lower on space more than usual for my usage habits.

    The way I finally got rid of the music this time are as such:

    - Turn "show all music" Off
    - Find a song (or songs) that are reporting as local (but not swipable to delete)
    - Turn "show all music" On
    - Download from the cloud the song(s) from above
    - The song(s) should now be swipable

    Sometimes in the past, I have been able to fix by turning off ITM and then reenabling, but that hasn't always removed some of these phantom files (or space).....

    On both my devices, this reclaimed about 2gb of space. That 12.5% is a LOT on smaller storage devices.

    Since I usually run with smaller storage, I have toyed with getting rid of iTunes Match, due to the headaches I sometimes have with it. But because of the following, I tend to keep it around:

    - potential as a backup of everything (though I do move all music to an external HD too)
    - Streaming in the house (though I guess I could use home sharing)
    - Apple TV playing of the music on my hometheater (again, potential for home sharing)

    While there are potential alternatives for me, at $25/yr, it's reasonable enough to keep it around, plus free access to iTunes Radio, at least for now.

    Hopefully if someone else is having the same problems with deleting that I was, that you find this post of at least a little interest.......
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    Last time I had an issue with 'phantom' songs was to erase all content & settings and restore from a back-up... fixed it for me...
    05-08-2015 01:08 PM
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    Thanks Peter. I like to avoid that if I can as if there is an offending file in the backup you restore, it comes right back. Nonetheless, that is an option. If I had to rank the options in terms of time/ease (they're all about the same for me, but for others), I would say:

    1) Turn off iTunes Match and turn back on and see if the "erasing of all (itunes) content" that's part of that process clears things
    2) do my process noted above with DLing and then deleting
    3) Restore a backup

    It's too bad that we have these problems but there's at least still $24.99 of value in the software for me.....
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    05-08-2015 01:33 PM
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    Thanks Peter.
    Ummmm...I'm not him.
    05-08-2015 01:35 PM

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