1. crossfire3636's Avatar
    I have itunes 11 on pc. I want to remove music from my ipad only, but keep them in itunes/icloud. in the previous itunes version, there was a way to pick which artists, songs and playlists i want to transfer to my devices. I read that i could manage by selecting "manually manage music and videos" however, when i go to this section, all i can do is manually manage videos. I just don't want my entire music collection on my ipad. please advise
    04-18-2013 05:49 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    With your device connected to your computer and iTunes open, tap your device in the upper right, and go to the Music tab for your device. Make sure you check only what you want on your device.
    04-18-2013 06:08 AM
  3. crossfire3636's Avatar
    for some reason on itunes 11 i can only sync voice memos under the music tab on my device. memos are the ONLY option i have
    04-18-2013 06:15 AM

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