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    I have 2 issues with iTunes that I need some help with:

    1) iTunes doesn't show all my apps in the library. It's only showing 5 apps that I've dl'd tonight although I've checked the iTunes folder on my pc and all the apps are still there but aren't showing in the iTunes library interface even after selecting "Scan for media". Can anyone tell me if this is normal or do I need to do something to correct this?

    2) iTunes has added all my single tracks to the Album view and named each one with the album name "Unknown Album" even though they're single tracks. Can I remedy this and, if so, how? **EDITED** I should have said I want them to show as songs/tracks and not under albums and to stop iTunes autonaming them "Unknown album"
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    The solution found in THIS thread may help you with your situation.
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    04-10-2013 08:41 PM

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