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    There will soon be competition to Itunes matching service

    Free scan and match coming to Google Music November 13th in Europe, 'soon after' for US (update) | The Verge
    Today google announced that it's bringing itunes matchlike service to google play for free on Nov 13 in Europe and "soon after" in the United States. That's 20,000 songs matched for free, no upload time. Seems like stiff competition for Apple's fee based itunes match service. Especially if it matches songs not bought from google for free.

    I prefer google play simply because it's free. I don't stream too much because i don't get a consistent data signal so it's not really useful on demand. All the more reason not to want to pay. Plus i've never bought music from apple or itunes. But i wonder if anyone else has there interest peaked? If it's free are you switching? Or are you sticking with itunes match? Maybe both?
    10-30-2012 01:10 AM
  2. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I moved all of my music to Google Play long before I came to the Apple family. And I still listen to them from my iPhone 4S through Wi-Fi.
    I also have all my photos on Picaca.

    Good Luck
    10-30-2012 01:05 PM
  3. 9thWonder's Avatar
    I think i may have started before i moved to Apple too actually. I have a lot of music but not all. Actually it wouldn't all fit but i still have room to add 3000 more. I bit the bullet and uploaded them anyways on the off chance that when google launched nationally they'd start charging like apple charges. I'd hoped that google would simply grandfather me in if that happened because what kinda PR would it be to take away all that storage when you've offered it to people. Like Microsoft, when it drop skydrive from 20gbs to 7gbs just grandfathered current users and they kept their full storage. In the end it was free so it didn't matter.

    But it will be useful for me since i did plan to fill up the last 3000 spots. But also i could simply use my other empty account and add the leftovers w/o having to upload some of it. Photos i got in Skydrive and box.net because they take up a lot of space and i have a free 20gbs of space on both. Picasa i have some pictures on but that was from before i decided to back up all my pics, docs and other stuff in skydrive, and other services.
    10-30-2012 05:03 PM

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