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    I'm sorry if this has been addressed before. I'm new and I DID search the forum but didn't see anything.

    My problem is really irritating to me. Previously, and I believe starting with iOS 4.5, Smart Playlists that you check in iTunes to have sync to your iOS device would sync but tracks would be in random order unless you included a rule stating that 'playlist is music.'

    Unfortunately, when using iTunes Match, these playlists will no longer sync as iTunes Match states that with that rule in place it cannot sync "playlists that reference other playlists." So your Smart playlists show up in random order again. The really maddening part to this is that if you select a playlist and start a track playing, you can then tap on the album cover up top which then displays the album art fullscreen. At this point at the lower right there is another playlist or "list tracks" icon that when tapped then shows the tracks IN THE PROPER ORDER. If you then tap on track 1, your playlist will begin playing in the proper order.

    So it appears that the only way to play your synched smart playlists in order is to go through this convoluted series of steps. I've been able to find no solution to this problem. Does anyone know what I'm missing that will allow me to once again have my playlists in the order I WANT them to be rather than what iTunes on my iPad or iPhone THINKS it wants the order to be?

    Thank you!
    09-21-2012 12:52 AM