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    Please help. I've been having issues with iTunes for what seems like forever. For lack of a better description, each time iTunes is opened, it comes up "naked". I can click on the link on the iTunes home page that says it can find songs from my home folder in my computer, and all re-loads (multiple copies of each song). Close iTunes. Open it back up, again, nothing in it...totally naked.

    I have some purchased music and couple of purchased movies but the majority of the files were downloaded from my old CD collection...old in the fact I longer have it.

    I know the files must be living somewhere on my computer. Can my problem be fixed? Am I going to have to start fresh with a new iTunes and Apple ID. Can my music/movies be saved?

    I've purchased an iPhone 5 and REALLY don't want to carry over any existing problems to a new device.
    I've been all over the internet looking for an answer and nothing seems to work. I know in reason someone has the answer, I just have to find you. :-)
    09-14-2012 10:05 PM

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