1. pnconnally's Avatar
    I'm new to Apple (recently obtianing an iPhone and iPad). What I don't understand is the iTunes App Syncing. I download all my apps directly onto each device from iTunes (using the same iTunes account on each device).

    However, when I plug in each device to the desktop iTunes client, iTunes always wants to put all of the iPhone apps on my iPad and all the iPad apps on my iPhone. I don't want this. I purposely download apps for each device. Note - I ONLY plug the devices into iTunes because I need to organize the apps/subfolders using iTunes.

    1. Do I need to need to use separpate iTunes accounts to accomplish my goal?
    2. Is iTunes behaving as it should (by syncing all apps)
    3. Any other understanding/knowledge folks can share?

    Thank you
    08-03-2012 10:53 AM