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    Sharepod Love

    I wanted to create this post to share my positive experience with sharepod.

    My Story:

    My motherboard on my PC fried a couple of months ago, and I had to take it to get replaced. In short, I lost all of my itunes library, everything. iTunes was still on my computer, and all my songs were displayed on itunes, but everytime I clicked one I would get the exclamation (!) sign and something about the file not being able to be located. It then gave me the option to locate the file myself, but it was useless, since the files were erased due to the computer crashed. My itunes library was still on my iPod classic, but not on my computer.

    The Fix:

    After some suggestions from the good folks on imore forums, I downloaded a program called SharePod. The website is getsharepod.com And its free!

    Since I have limited experience with this program, I'll just comment on what it did for me. I downloaded it, launched it, and plugged in my iPod. My itunes library showed on the sharepod program, and first thing I did was copy all the music onto a music folder on my pc, which was now empty since I lost all my music files. Then I copied the music onto an external hard drive (should have done that before the crash).

    Last thing I did was erase all of my itunes library, meaning the songs that were showing, but not playing, on the actual itunes program. You just highlight them and press delete. I then selected all of the music from my "Music" folder, and just dragged it onto itunes. Magic, the music begin to copy itself over on itunes and everything was back to normal.

    Important: erase everything on itunes prior to adding back your music, if not you will have duplicates, meaning a song that works, and a song that doesn't. If you have duplicates, you'll have to go back into itunes and erase every non-working duplicate song/podcast/movie etc...

    Since now you have a "new" itunes library, you have to "erase and sync" your ipod when you plug it back into itunes and try to sync, since it thinks that your ipod is sync'd with another itunes library. Its fine, just wipe, restore, and reload all of the music back on it again.

    Depending on your itunes library size, this could take a few hours. It took me about 3 hours of work from start to finish, for about 41gigs of media ( movies, songs, podcasts).

    So if you lost your itunes library, computer crashed, got a new pc, etc....don't worry. There is a fix! Learn from my mistake also, make a copy of itunes to an external hard drive, and update it every couple of weeks or so.

    There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube where people show sharepod, in case you are wondering how it works or how to use it. Just browse and learn!
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    Glad you got it all back!
    06-18-2012 09:55 AM
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    If you manually manage the iPod you would not have to wipe it and reload. That should only be if you have your iPod sync automatically.

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