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    I'm thinking my situation is a little unique since I can't find instructions online that work for me. All instructions suggest you do something on the old computer to export or something or other to a new computer. But I don't have the old computer...

    Old computer died. Hard drive was still good so I built a new computer and put old hd in new pc. I want to move itunes data from old hd to new C: drive. I used to have instructions for a similar scenario when I did something like this before but I can't find them.

    Girlfriend is freaking out (its her computer) because last time we did this it caused many duplicates (after she synced her iPod maybe?) and it took her four days to delete all the duplicates.

    Does anyone have advice about how to resolve this as pain free as possible?

    Note: I just opened iTunes to get the version number and found something interesting. I had already moved the My Music folder from the old My Documents folder to the new one and installed iTunes, but have touched no settings or anything in iTunes. I'm guessing that is where iTunes looks for data by default?

    OS: Win XP sp3 (per gf request)
    iTunes version:

    Thank you!
    05-27-2012 12:53 PM
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    Authorize new computer for her iTunes account if library is empty then just synce her phone .. If its more than what on her phone then before you open iTunes hold shift and open itunes and you can select the old library .. Then after its loaded just google how to move iTunes library and you can move it too the new drive and in iTunes select the library path I did this when I had a desktop and had 70 movies so I wanted all the info on my external drive so if my comp crashed my iTunes was not part of it

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    05-27-2012 01:22 PM