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    Yes I searched and yes I read the recent thread. Let me explain my situation.

    I've had the same iTunes running on two or three Windows laptops. I think last time I moved iTunes the library got screwed up because I didn't do it right. I don't have any music on my computer now, due to space issues.

    All my music is on an external HD.

    I don't _care_ if iTunes moves to the new Mac with the library intact; in fact, I would rather take this opportunity to start fresh and organized.

    I do NOT want to lose my ringtones that I spent so much time making, though.

    I also have the 4s, the 3GS acting as a Touch and an iPad and am synching all of them to the Cloud. I'd rather not lose the apps in the move because there are ~260 or more.

    I have not even opened iTunes on the new Macbook yet.

    So I would like to move the phones and iPad to the new laptop, without music, hopefully with apps, hopefully with ringtones, leaving the old disorganized library behind. Is this possible?

    Thank you!
    12-20-2011 06:35 AM
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    I think this is what I need to do to move the apps:

    - Plug in your iPhone in the new Mac
    - Authorize computer
    - Right click on your iPhone in the left-hand panel
    - Click 'Transfer Purchases'

    Now to find a ringtones solution since iRinger doesn't run on Mac...
    12-20-2011 07:57 AM