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    Hi, I'm desperately looking for someone who's had the same issue that could help me out since Apple can't.

    I recently picked up a new iphone4s, and in setting up my secondary email address, it asked me if I wanted to associate it with my AppleID. I agreed, and completed.

    later on in setting up icloud, i must have typed in my password wrong a few times and it locked me out of appleID. to reset my password I first attemted via security question. this for whatever reason is not working for me. the other option is to reset via email. the problem is that it is sending the reset email to my secondary email address that I just added. When I try to proceed with the email I received, it asks me to verify the email first. Well, to do that I need the password.

    so I cant verify because I don't have the password, and i cant reset because the email is not verified.

    Its been 48 hours dealing with apple support, but they are no help. Perhaps im not talking to the correct person.

    new AppleID is not an answer.

    has anyone had this problem? I would like apple to send the reset email to the email that is already verified.

    12-05-2011 09:39 AM