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    Here's the deal:

    I have all of my music on my external hard drive. This is my entire iTunes library that I plug into my MacBook Pro to then listen to music via my computer. Question is: I've uploaded what music I can to iTunes Match. It's working perfectly on my iPhone 4 but when I go to download music on iTunes through the iCloud without my external hooked up, music files are not found. I thought it might be a bug and have not uploaded correctly as I got iTunes Match the day it came out. Therefore, I'm starting over from scratch in hopes that I won't have to rely on my external drive to listen to music on iTunes. (I'm just a little impatient for this to finish to see if it works this time, which is why I'm posting this.)

    Am I totally way off here? Is this not the way iTunes Match is supposed to work or do I need to have the actual music on a drive somewhere for iCloud to pick it off when needed????

    I have no idea what's going on and I feel like I'm lost in the iClouds. Can someone explain this all to me a little more? I'm open to links that break it all down for the not so Apple detail oriented folks.

    Also will there be a day when I can actually look at my iTunes library through

    One last thing: Dups w/iTunes Match, is this a major problem for folks?
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    I believe it turns you desktop, or in your case your MacBook, is the backup and does not pull from the cloud. I think you would have to leave you drive unhooked and wipe out iTunes. Then sign in to iCloud and download what you want.

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